Major Upgrade: The Perfect Beach Towel

March 31, 2017 1 min read

the perfect towel in blue and in black  
Picture this, you're on a beach. With your bestie.
The air is salty, the breeze is sweet.
You are now ready to have the most savage sun kissed golden skin ever.
You pull your towel out of your new oh so cute Peekaboo Tote!
 Andddd...OMG! Even your tote is embarrassed of your towel
that you grabbed out of your bathroom.
You hoped that no one would notice that this is the
towel you showered with the night before.
You quickly see that last nights mascara is smudged across it.
You decide to flip it to the other side but then you realize that it is much,
much worse. Your self tanner
(that was suppose to keep you bronzed and golden for 3-5 days)
has now jumped ship to your disgrace of a towel.
Have no fear, the perfect beach towel is here!
 A circle of terry cloth perfection trimmed in fringe and covered in exotic prints.
Not only is this beach towel the epitome of perfection,
it can act as much, much more.
She can be worn as chic sarong or a cozy wrap perfect for those
snuggly beach bonfire nights.
She loves to make things pretty.
Use her as a wall tapestry, table cloth, or interior rug.
How could you possibly survive without her ?
We know we can't!
the perfect towel in black and in blue
the perfect towel in black and in blue
the perfect towel in black and in blue


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the perfect towel in blue

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