Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo Float

Size Guide

As we're staying inside day dreaming of the tropics, we are excited to bring the tropics to your backyard with our NEW Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo pool float. Filled with glitter and perfectly pink, this float will bring the sunshine to you and your family. Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay FUN!


  1. FUNBOY Original Flamingo Design.
  2. Pink tinted clear material filled with glitter!
  3. Over-sized design.
  4. Tether point to secure your FUNBOY to the dock, boat or any stationary object!
  5. Inflates and deflates in under 2 mins!
  6. Size: L64'' x W58'' x H58.5'
  7. 1-2 person capacity
  8. Age 14+
  9. Phthalate free PVC


  1. Age 14+. Read entire owners manual prior to use!
  2. Not a lifesaving device, swimmers only!
  3. No protection against drowning.
  4. Always ensure float is attached/tethered to a stationary object.
  5. Do not use in offshore wind or current.
  6. Do not dive or jump. Do not swim underneath.