Pink Onyx iPhone Case


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Hard plastic, printed case with a smooth and glossy surface. Exclusive design.

This is NOT real marble!

Material: Hard Plastic (Polycarbonate) / Printed

This is a plastic, printed phone case. Design is printed all around the case, it is NOT a separate layer or sticker, so it won’t peel off or fade over time.

Surface Finish: Smooth and Glossy

The surface of the case is smooth and glossy. 

Accessibility: All Ports and Buttons

Top and bottom parts of the case are open, so you can put it on a charging dock or use the headphone easily.

Fit: Tight and Secure

This case fits your phone perfectly, snaps with a click, and provides a secure fit.

Protection: Only Sides and Back

This case protects sides and back of your phone from daily wear and tear, scratches, and minor drops. Top and Bottom of the case are open. This is NOT an ultra-protective case that can withstand major drops, heavy impacts and razor sharp knives.

Screen Protection: No

This case does NOT cover or offer any protection for screen. There is no raised lip around the screen.

Weight and Thickness: Less than 10gr / Less than 1mm

This case is very light-weight and thin, it doesn’t add extra bulk or weight to your phone.


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